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  • Plugin - Normal Temperature

    Veloss series in both Normal Temperature and Low Temperature is the optimal choice for small and medium-sized shops looking for a quality refrigeration cabinet with built-in unit and maximum loading space.

    The choice of up to 6 shelves in addition to the base, creates a huge display space, adding even more meters to sales.

    Veloss series offers great flexibility in the configuration of each store and is easily adapted to small and medium-sized spaces. With three different width options, starting from just 65mm and two different heights with a total of 12 versions available, it meets the needs for maximum capacity and excellent product display, in any small or medium-sized space.

    Accepts the full range of conventional accessories such as product dividers on shelves, product roll guards, bars with clamps-hooks for products to be presented hanging, manual and electric night curtains.

    A key advantage of energy efficiency and functionality is the fact that the standard version of the cabinet can have LED lighting, electronic fans, and holders for any type of price labelling.

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