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A key element of our corporate philosophy and identity is the commitment to Research and Development. No product can be of top quality, competitive and safe if it is not properly designed, tested and "matured".

In line with our philosophy and identity, we were led to the establishment of the unique and innovative laboratory for Research and Development of Professional Refrigeration Cabinets, FROST IT TECH LAB. Its operation since mid-2020 is a reality and is staffed by Young Scientists.

In addition, it works closely with the Academic Society with the sole purpose of continuously improving the operation of Professional Refrigerators and the integration of techniques to offer optimal food preservation.

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We have a 3D Printing Room with advanced equipment and we now introduce this technology of 3D Printing into the production process of special components for Professional Refrigerators.

We operate a Special Test Chamber for the certification of performance, quality and safety of our products, using high technology instruments for recording measurements, data collection and analysis.


We have developed production machines in order to improve the main feature that a Professional Refrigerator should have: advanced insulation to minimize refrigerant load losses.

We studied and improved the ergonomics of Professional Refrigerators according to the needs of retail.

We have led our Professional Refrigerators to a modern aesthetic and we offer an increased choice of colors, materials and special finishings that satisfy every professional. With the combined research and work from Engineers and Designers, we produce Professional Refrigerators that upgrade the aesthetics of the space and the store of each of our customers.


Every industry and every professional, can find the right refrigerator with the required, aesthetics, specification and capacity for the promotion and preservation of the food.

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