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Save 1.762€ per multideck per year*

With our energy upgrade plan, you can rapidly reduce electricity consumption by up to 68,4%! This is achieved by retrofitting open multidecks into closed ones by adding doors. With this upgrade you see an immediate benefit, with a drastic reduction in operating costs of your business and therefore an increase in your profitability.


  • Drastic reduction in electricity bills

  • Increase operational profitability of business

  • Lower overall consumption

  • Less burden on cooling equipment

  • Cooling load reduction

  • Significant reduction in maintenance costs

  • Products are kept fresh for more days

  • Extending the life of refrigeration equipment

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* Example

In this study we compare an open 2500mm FROSTIT multideck with an annual consumption of 4,906 kWh/meter/year to a closed 2500mm FROSTIT multideck with an annual consumption of 1,549 kWh/meter/year. kWh cost at €0.21, plus VAT 6% (October 2022 prices from DEI energy provider for C21 tariffs). The consumption reduction in the specific example with the retrofitting of energy upgrade doors reaches 68.4% or €704.97 per meter of multideck per year with a kWh price of €0.21.

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