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Avax 75 220

Avax 75 220


  • Description

    Avax is a cabinet for frozen packaged products. It is the ideal solution for medium and big stores, hypermarkets and discount markets that need equipment with special features for intensive use and maximum loading. In terms of technology, Avax is classified as one of the latest generation cabinets, with innovative features related with ergonomics, use and operation as well.

    Frost It Tech Lab has designed and launched the Clear View Cabinets in all our series of commercial refrigerators and freezers. CV series is mainly characterized by its minimal lines, with a large, clear frame that satisfies the needs for the maximum products’ display and promotion, while at the same time enables the consumer to have access to products not easily reached in other cabinets. A major advantage of energy efficiency and functionality is the fact that in their standard version, AVAX freezers can carry LED lighting, electronic fans, stainless steel bumper rails and holders for any type of price labelling. Our commercial freezers come in various editions in order to accommodate a broad range of refrigerated products: Frozen Vegetables, Meat, Dough Products, Ready Meals, Ice Cream.

  • Dimensions

    Μήκος χωρίς πλαϊνά/

    Lenght without ends

    Οριζόντια επιφάνεια προβολής/

    Horizontal display surface

    1562mm 3,12m²
    2343mm 4,69m²
    3125mm 6,25m²
    3905mm 7,81m²


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