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Anthia 85D 205

Anthia 85D 205


  • Description

    Anthia series is the ideal solution for medium and big size stores that require equipment with special features for heavy usage and maximum product loading with frequent reloads. In terms of design and technology, they belong to the latest generation of refrigeration cabinets and have innovative features in terms of ergonomics, use, operation and energy saving.

    It features the Clear View design. The main advantage of the CV refrigerator series is the minimal clean lines and the large display surface resulting in maximum visibility of the products so that the consumer can also access from areas of the refrigerator that are characterized (in other refrigerators) difficult to access. Accepts the whole range of well-known conventional accessories such as product dividers on the shelves, product rolling guards, bars with hooks for products that must be presented hanging, manual and electric night curtains. The main advantage of energy efficiency and functionality is the fact that the standard version of the refrigerator can carry LED lighting, electronic fans to save energy up to 70%, stainless steel impact protection bars and all kinds and sizes of rails for price tags. It is produced in various versions for all categories of refrigerated products.

  • Dimensions

    Μήκος χωρίς πλαϊνά/

    Length without ends

    Οριζόντια επιφάνεια προβολής/

    Horizontal display surface

    1250mm 3,86m²
    1875mm 5,79m²
    2500mm 7,73m²
    3750mm 11,59m²


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