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The ClearView™ design philosophy in all ranges of Normal temperature and Low temperature refrigeration cabinets offers as an advantage clean minimal lines and a large clear frame resulting in the maximum visibility of the products, so that the consumer can also choose from areas of the refrigerator that in other refrigerators characterized as difficult to access until today. The result is maximized sales and increased profitability.


Vertical Cabinets

Our design philosophy aims to maximize the viewing surface from every angle and for every height, for all lengths, heights, and dimensions of every model. Combined with the latest generation LED lighting, products look particularly attractive to the customer, leading to increased sales in a particularly pleasant environment, enhancing the consumer experience.

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Serve Over Counters

Panoramic design with large glass surfaces for maximum viewing area. Design, clear presentation, and appearance of the products are the result of a study that has taken into account all the data for each type of consumer, such as the average height of the consumer and also the point where he usually stands to visually investigate the products.

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