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Arolith Max 92CG

Arolith Max 92CG

  • Description

    Arolith belongs to the category of serve over counters for fresh products and it is perfectly suited to stores with especially luxury environment such as: Delicatessens, Groceries, Medium and Small Butcher Shops. The main advantage of Arolith is its own complexity, which along with the development of various linings and materials that can host/ incorporate, make it flexible to meet the designing and architectural demands of each store.

    The main feature of the Arolith model is the wide range of linings, coatings and materials it can accept in order to adapt to the design and architectural needs of each store. The design, clear presentation and appearance of the products is the result of a study that has taken into account all the data on the types of consumers such as the average height of the consumer but also the point where they usually stand when searching for products. A key advantage of energy efficiency and functionality is the fact that the standard version of the refrigerator has LED lighting and electronic fans. Accepts the full range of conventional accessories such as knife and hand tool holders, scale stands, hand cutter stands and automatic cutter stands. The Arolith model is produced in versions for all purposes: Charcuteries, Cheese Products, Olives, Cured Fish, Meat Products, Hot Food.

  • Dimensions

    Μήκος χωρίς πλαϊνά/

    Length without ends

    Οριζόντια επιφάνεια προβολής/

    Horizontal display surface

    937mm 0.86m²
    1250mm 1.15m²
    1875mm 1.73m²
    2500mm 2.30m²
    3125mm 2.88m²
    3750mm 3.45m²
    EC45mm 0.62m²
    EC90mm 1.24m²
    IC45mm 0.56m²
    IC90mm 1.12m²



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