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Anthia 85D 220 BC

Anthia 85D 220 BC


  • Dimensions

    Μήκος χωρίς πλαϊνά/

    Length without ends

    Οριζόντια επιφάνεια προβολής/

    Horizontal display surface

    1250mm 2,61m²
    1875mm 3,92m²
    2500mm 5,23m²
    3750mm 7,84m²


  • Description

    Back counter refrigeration cabinet for placement behind the counter for fresh products. The upper part is refrigerated and can take up to 3 selves. The lower space is neutral, without refrigeration and is used for storage of packaging materials and fresh products. In terms of design and technology, it belongs to the latest generation of refrigeration cabinets and has to show innovative features in terms of ergonomics, use, function and energy saving.

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