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Anthia 85D 200 BC F

Anthia 85D 200 BC F


  • Description

    Back counter refrigeration cabinet for placement behind the counter for fresh products. In this cabinet the whole space is cooled. The upper part can take up to 3 selves. Tins with feta cheese can be stored at the lower part. In terms of technology, Anthia is classified as one of the latest generation cabinets. Also available in a completely high quality 304 stainless steel version.

  • Dimensions

    Μήκος χωρίς πλαϊνά/

    Length without ends

    Οριζόντια επιφάνεια προβολής/

    Horizontal display surface

    1250mm 2,43m²
    1875mm 3,64m²
    2500mm 4,85m²
    3750mm 7,28m²


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