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/ FAMILY MARKET project in Chalandri with FROST IT commercial refrigerators

The reliability and exceptional quality of FROST IT SA products led FARMILY MARKET to select Frost It commercial refrigerators to equip its new store in Chalandri, Attica.

/ Project models

Arolith Max 92S was selected as the central model for this installation. It is part of Arolith series, a series of models with new, advanced design, cutting – edge technology and energy efficiency. The main features of the model are the excellent adaptability in each space, the complexity of the coatings and materials that can be used in order to adapt to the design and architectural needs of each store and the reduced energy consumption.


Its clever design with front doors makes it dual-use depending on the needs, ie conversion from assisted-service to self-service and vice versa.


The configuration chosen includes electronic fans for a large reduction in power consumption, special dual LED lighting, additional lighting under the worktop, stainless steel front and side impact bars, bases for weighing scales and a special stainless-steel space for feta cheese sale.


The clear display design and appearance of the products, is the result of a study that has taken into account all the data for various types of consumers such as the average height of the consumer, but also the point where he usually stands to visually research the products. So the model is ideal for over the counter sales.

The other models selected for the store belong to the Anthia and Afra series and are the Anthia 85D 220 and Afra 85D 157 with features similar to the Arolith series in terms of modern design and reduced energy consumption. The Anthia 85D 220 belongs to the category of Vertical NT Closed with Glass Doors and the Afra 85D 157 in the category of Semi Vertical Closed with Glass Doors. These refrigerators were placed in spaces suitable for their design and durability in heavy duty use. The project was completed by the specialized technicians of Frost It SA after the installation of Cold Rooms.

Stainless steel bumper rails

μπάρες πρόσκρουσης.png

Choose these models for your own store

Τhe store


The new Farmily meat market in Chalandri is a special tasty destination. It has a wide variety of products, from fresh meats, organic meats and ripening meats to cold cuts, white and yellow cheeses and gourmet delights. Its specialized staff will help us choose the right meat, the best cut but will also advise us on how to cook. Even the most demanding customer will find what he is looking for, in a pleasant and well-kept space that offers a special taste experience.

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