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ARNEG 's experience, which presented and started installations of CO2 machines in EUROSHOP 2011, coupled with the hard work and education of company FROST-IT SA


perfect experience

One of the most significant moments for us was on 2001 when Frost-It Refrigeration undertook the exclusive distribution and marketing in Greece of ARNEG, one of the world's leading groups in commercial refrigeration.



In the passage of time reached in final form as a Anonymous Society Corporation with the current name Frost - It Refrigeration S.A


Frost - It Refrigeration markets the best and most economical refrigeration systems, which offer solutions for all requirements.


Our staff participates in the design of projects in accordance of needs, we choose the most suitable products and we suggest solutions for project.


Right now, we are more mature and innovative

with higher targets and in a position to offer services and products better than anyone else in the market..

Frost It.

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